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  • Collection

    We build diverse datasets tailored to your needs.

  • Curation
  • Annotation
  • Validation
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Fine tune your LLMs with the highest-quality training data

Improve your existing model’s performance for a specific task. LinkedAI offers advanced annotation services as well as data curation solutions to fine-tune top-performing large language models.

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We are not only great at managing Data Projects, we understand the tech needs behind them.

On-demand in-house team

Our in-house highly-trained data labelers are able to deal with any data challenge. As your data needs grow over time, you can count on us to scale the workforce needed to meet your goals.

Dedicated Team

Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager and provided with collaborative sessions with a solutions engineer, project manager, and QA agent for continious alignment.

Rigorous QA Process

Through our proprietary QA tool customized to your workflow, your data is managed across different user roles for a comprehensive quality assurance review.

Proprietary tools

Our proprietary tools are intricately designed to seamlessly integrate with various workflows, ensuring flexibility and customization as per client needs.

People and Data change the world.

We believe that people and data are the heart of AI. Our team's expertise lies in meticulously organizing, categorizing, and enhancing data, creating the foundation upon which AI models thrive. With a commitment to accuracy, diversity, and ethical considerations, our data labelers and curators work efficiently to reduce bias and improve the reliability of AI systems.

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“LinkedAI successfully improved our detection algorithm. They assisted us during this testing stage, where there are numerous labels to test and learn from.”

Daniel Gomez
Transport Systems

"Thanks to the image labeling carried out by LinkedAI, following our precise specifications, we were able to enhance our computer vision project. Their work proved to be a significant contribution to the training phase of our deep learning engine."

Marie González
R&D Engineer
Woodtech ms

"The annotation process is much easier and faster now that we work with LinkedAI. We needed to annotate license plates and characters in images from parking lots, and LinkedAI assisted us with the annotation  and validation process.”

Begoña Vizcaíno
CV Research Engineer

“We optimized the model's loss metric by 20%. With the Satellite Imagery labeling done by LinkedAI, we achieved better results with high precision in a short amount of time.”

Deep Learning Researcher
Colombian Air Force

“I discovered LinkedAI while searching for ways to improve the performance of our models. Now, the performance of our deep learning models has significantly improved. I would definitely use their services again and recommend them to others.”

Alberto Ruíz
Computer Vision Engineer
Star Robotics

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