We are on mission to making AI more reliable and accesible to everyone 

At LinkedAI we look to revolutionize AI innovation with advanced computer vision, accelerating applications to enhance life quality. We believe in the power of superior training data to build high-performing AI models, facilitating faster deployment and maximizing AI investment returns. Since 2018, we've been at the forefront of AI breakthroughs, creating data-centric solutions for machine learning teams. Our mission: to develop top-tier products that perfectly align with the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, paving the way for a future powered by super-intelligent systems.

Paula Villamarin, CEO
Diego Parra, CTO

Operating Principles

Trust and Empathy

We believe in building strong, transparent relationships within our team and with our clients. This foundation of trust is bolstered by an empathetic understanding of each other’s perspectives and challenges, ensuring a collaborative and supportive work environment. 

Lifelong learning

Our team members are lifelong learners, constantly exploring new horizons, acquiring skills, and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. This commitment to learning ensures we stay at the cutting edge of the fast evolving breakthroughs of the AI industry.

Global Optimization

LinkedAI does what is best for the organization as a whole, all our decisions are made with the well-being of the team in mind, and with the growth of the company in mind, but always focusing on maintaining the human quality of the company.

Sense of Urgency

We operate with a sense of urgency, understanding the fast-paced nature of the tech industry and the importance of timely innovation and decision-making. This approach drives us to be proactive, agile, and responsive, ensuring that we not only keep pace with the evolving market but also set trends.

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