The ultimate
platform for AI teams

Label and manage high-quality training data with
an intuitive interface and  automation features.

Powerful and intuitive image labeling tool

Start in less than 5 minutes! Find the right annotation solution for each case. Label manage and iterate with intuitive, fast and specialized automated tools.

Automation tools

Minimize the need for human input with specialized tools that help speed up the data labeling process and finish computer vision projects 80% faster.

Keep track of your team’s progress

Data is power. Access real-time analytics to improve your model and human labeling performance. Stay in the loop on project progress, efficiency and data quality.

Easy API integrations

Seamlessly import data, labels, model predictions and push labeled data into training environments.

Don't trust us, try it for yourself!

Harsh G.
Assistant Engineer Enterprise

"An AI tool to labeling quality and automation"

What do you like best?

We used this tool for one of our AI projects where it helped out to provide advanced solutions related to data quality and labeling automation of complex problems. AI solutions gave the best results and increased the ROI with the help of it. Easy to implement and understand complex problems.

Mohammed K.

"The top AI Labeling programme with a free trial"

What do you like best?

It is a very accurate database platform that makes use of machine learning to cut down on the time needed for data annotation and labelling, which (ML-powered services) cuts both cost and time.Comparing the data labelers to other labelling platforms, they are very accurateuse.

Radhika V.
Technical Lead

"Incredible Annotation Software"

What do you like best?*

I like because UI is incredible, fast and responsive. It is very easy to operate and robust tool. Customer support is superb it resolves the query on the spot. I can detect the things very easily using this wonderful tool. It saves lots of time in doing annotation.

Saurav B.
Senior Data Analyst
Mu sigma Inc

"LinkedAI automation is good."

What do you like best?

I really liked the automation offered by LinkedAI where I can use Annotation service and MLOps services to reduce hunan intervention and speed up trivial tasks.

Ely H.

"The best object identification
app in the market"

What do you like best?

Its an app that has everything I need in an app, it has image annotation for classification and segmentation for automation features. I dont have to use several apps to do one job.

Ready to build high-quality
Training Data?

Success stories

This motor insurance company needed to automate the process of assessing the condition of vehicles, in order to improve the effectiveness and speed in calculating car damage. Discover how they used our labeling tool to annotate and deploy a product that process claims faster and with less administrative costs.

Find out how this company leveraged on LinkedAI to reduce by 97% operating costs and started counting and analyzing tomato plants at super human speed in less than four months.

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